Located in Belgium, close to the German and the Dutch border Balteau NDT S.A. is specialised in the manufacturing of X-Ray generators designed for quality control of industrial products as well as general NDT equipment and product.

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Inspection Suite - Software dedicated to X-Ray inspection
You have probably dreamt about having your own customized solution for driving XRay generator, Image detectors, or even manipulating devices with multiple motor drives , doors mechanisms or conveyors like the one used in Inspection machines ?.
BALTEAU is a one century old company specialised in Xray generator manufacturing proposing XRay solutions for various sector of activities. Having gained a very important experience in the design and manufacture of small to complex solutions for their customers, our Systems activities has launched a series of software called the "Inspection suite" which are used in Balteau designed systems.

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IPS012 Image processing software

IPS012 is the latest Image Processing Software for the x-ray industry designed by Balteau NDT. Part of the “Inspection Suite” made of 12 different modules able to control all aspects of your radioscopic system; IPS012 has been developed by our team of engineers to make the use of the software extremely easy.

Outstripping the competition, Balteau is the first to create a modular suite of software built on the same frame to create a friendly environment of work and also ensuring the complete compatibility between all components, modules of your installation. The suite has been designed to be used with Balteau’s systems but is also 100% compatible with most of the existing and current ones.
Allowing direct link to the Acquisition module, the taken snapshots will automatically be transferred to IPS then processing the image can start. So many different features such as “Region of interest”, “Grey level window”, “Filters”, etc. are included as a standard but not only, a lot of very useful options are also available.

IPS012 embeds all common and usual processing algorithms as well as novelties that will soon find their applications into your daily jobs.

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