Located in Belgium, close to the German and the Dutch border Balteau NDT S.A. is specialised in the manufacturing of X-Ray generators designed for quality control of industrial products as well as general NDT equipment and product.

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Baltospot after sales service training - November 2016
Balteau NDT is always doing its best to offer the best maintenance & repair service possible in every part of the world. It is why we organize a few training per year and this week we are happy to welcome technicians from Mexico, India and Italy. If you’d like to schedule maintenance of your unit don’t hesitate and contact us via service@balteau-ndt.com.

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The XLD160 is a 160kV constant potential generator, direct evolution of our well known CLD160. It has been specially designed and optimized for real time applications and offers an extremely high dose stability to produce quality images comparable to conventional X-ray films. Lightweight and highly fl exible, that makes it the ideal selection for all castings and medium walled steels. Equipped with the RC8 control unit, the XLD160 will be very easy to use and adjustments will only be a matter of a button to push. It features fi ne kV and mA value adjustments and an extremely clear alphanumeric display. The Baltograph XLD 160 is a user friendly X-ray examination system.

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