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The TSC200/0 is a panoramic monopolar tube specifically developped by Balteau NDT. Designed for the inspection of pneumatic, tank or all other hollow components. This tube is particulary suitable for applications using optical magnification, for light material, for small to medium thicknesses or even for the radioscopy.

The maximum outside diameter of the shaft makes hardly 150mm. The tube can thus be used in restricted spaces. The HV cable maybe either angled, or straight with an R24 standard connector.

This tube can be used with all brands of generators provided that their load curves can be adapted. Contact our specialists for more information.

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Max. High voltagekV200
Tube typeMetal Ceramic
Beam angle°360° x 40°
Cooling modeWater
HV ConnectorR24
Nominal powerW600
Inherent filtrationmm0,4 Fe/Ni/Co
Target angle°22°
Cooling flow ratel/min.4
Max. Current @ kV Max.mA3
Focal spot (EN12543)d4 x 0,4
Max. CurrentmA10