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The TSD420/0A is introducing the series of one of the highest powerful tubes manufactured by BALTEAU. This tube doesn’t offer a compromise to power neither to flexibility but is designed for heavy walled and highly absorbing applications mainly. Two independent filaments are giving the possibility to perform inspections up to 4,5 kW on the large filament. Thanks to its beryllium window this tube also delivers soft X-rays for light materials or improved radiographic techniques.

The tube shielding is internal and reduces the radiation leakage to less than 10 R/h @ 1 m as required by International standards. In and out fluid inlets are mounted with universal connectors while the two HV plug cones are R28.

This tube can be used with all brands of generators provided that the load curve can be adapted. See our specialists if you intend to connect this tube to another unit than a Balteau.

  • XSD Series
SpecificationsUnitsTSD420/0A (Small focal / Large focal)
Max. High voltagekV420
Tube typeMetal Ceramic
Beam angle°40°
Cooling modeOil
HV ConnectorR28
Nominal powerW900 / 4500
Inherent filtrationmm3 + 2 Be
Target angle°30°
Cooling flow ratel/min.14
Max. Current @ kV Max.mA2 / 10,7
Focal spot (EN12543)d2,5 / 5,5
Max. CurrentmA10 / 30

* Leakage radiation max at 1m in mSv/h at nominal kV