A phantom is hardware device used for testing relevant quality parameters of DR (Digital Radiography) system.

The concept is to take a radiography of the phantom and measure quality parameters on the resulting image using different tools such as IQIs. The phantom device is designed to stay the same over time and the radiography will reveal if the X-Ray generator and detector deliver the same image quality over time.



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  • Characteristics
  • Key advantages

The Phantom is a tool designed by Balteau NDT to answer the highest quality requirements in digital radiography. Because of this product, different test can be defined to qualify and maintain qualified an equipment of digital image acquisition such as flat panels.

The phantom is made of steel Inox 316 composed of 2 plates of 2mm thick to ensure strength and reliability of the equipment. The 2 plates dimensions are 326 x 275,5 mm and are manufactured to enable inserts of different measuring tools for quality certification purpose. The phantom software will provide a PDF reporting of the quality supplied by the digital receiver (flat panel).

The measurement tools will depend of the industry and so of the specific quality requirement of that industry. If more details are required, do not hesitate to contact Balteau NDT or your local distributor. 

  • High precision of manufacturing
  • Testing software supplied with equipment
  • PDF quality report
  • Precise measure of homogeneity of detectors such as flat panels
  • Precise measure of the distortion up to 0,1mm
  • Linearity measurement & SNR
  • MTF measurement with IQI duplex
  • Sensitivity measurement & CNR
  • Flexibility of manufacturing in order to answer specific industry requirements
  • Shielded mask to avoid interference with different performance indicators
  • Phantom testing software supplied with equipment
  • PDF quality report
  • Clip in attachment
  • Transport case supplied
  • Quality and conformity certificate
Dimensionsmm326 x 275,5
Quality certificicationCE manufacturing process
Quality certificicationQuality and performance certifi cate
Quality certificicationDeclaration of conformity
Homogeneity measureTolerance of 0.4mm and thickness homogeneity of +/- 0.05mm
Distortion measurePrecision of 0.1mm and 0.1°
Linearity & SNR measurePrecision of 0.1mm
Sensitivity & CNR measurePrecision of 0.2mm
MTF measureIQI duplex with a 5° tilt