GF Series

The GF series derivates from the Crawler technology and is providing a reliable and cost effective solution for price sensitive markets. These units have to be combined to one of the two available type of control units, CF2000 or Hand-X with very lightweight new generation of cables.


GFD 165

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A number one hit for years, the GFD165 is the smallest unit of the GF series.

With a maximum of 160 kV and 5 mA, the GFD165 is a compact gas insulated unit designed for applications where size and weight matter. The GFD165 is the ideal machine for field applications where the unit needs to be frequently moved or inserted in tiny spaces. With regards to its 5mA and pulsed wave technology, the unit can penetrate medium to very thin materials, metallic or composites. It will easily surpass the poor contrast of Isotopes and will be a very good replacement in lower thickness ranges where Isotopes are generally not allowed.

This unit uses the same driving electronic and technologies as the CERAM but is equipped with the standard well proven glass tube of Balteau NDT.

  • High frequency
  • Air cooled
  • Very small & lightweight
  • Unique energy recovery module
  • Hand-X wireless remote operation availability
  • Rugged and light control unit 
  • Safety first, x-ray start with 2 buttons 
  • Full automatic preheating 
  • Cables with reduced size and weight
  • Works on power generator
  • High stability output dose
  • Lightweight
  • Can de be delivered with our 900g Hand-X
  • Including a Geiger-Müller detector
  • Low power consumption
  • Unmatched safety
  • Very reliable
  • Long term stable density
  • Ergonomic guard rings
  • CANON mil. metallic connectors
  • Oil & Gas
  • Shipyard building & Building sites
  • Petrochemical & Power plants
  • Tanks, reservoirs & pressure vessels
  • Inspection companies & training centers
  • Conventional films or CR applications
High voltage rangekV50 - 160
Tube current rangemA1 - 5
Maximum anode power dissipationWatt800
Beam angle°55°
Focal spot size (IEC336)mm1,5 x 1,5
Steel penetration at max (*)mm17
Max recommended temp.°C50
Temperature switch°C70
Inherent filtrationmm6 Al
Anode cooling typeAir
Duty cycle%100**
MainsV180 - 260
Weight (without rings)Kg12
Control unitCF2000 or Hand-X

* FFD= 700mm/Film Carestream Industrex AA400/D=2.0/t=10min.
**At a temperature of 30°C reduced mA.