Crawler Series

The Baltospot for Crawlers series is once again the evidence of the long time expertise of Balteau NDT in building reliable, powerful, robust and highly compatible X-ray equipments used for Pipe inspections.

Balteau NDT offers a complete assembly including the mechanical carrier, the well known Balteau NDT X-ray generator, the chopper and a range of accessories in order to make the most out of this equipment.



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A generator needs a reliable, flexible and stable power supply for working. With a Crawler, this power supply is brought by a battery set embarked in the mechanical carrier. The CF3 is the power converter (Chopper) between the batteries and the Generator. However the CF3 is also an intelligent regulator which will be able to give out of your batteries the most stable and constant output all along your exposures. Our Chopper CF3 is the result of the technology evolution that is applicable in electronics nowadays.

Based on the well known CF1 that has equipped several generations of Crawlers around the globe, this new model has also been developed to be used with the major brands of Crawler Manufactures.

The CF3 features a separate set up and remote control device (CFR) which allows you to manage parameters and preheating functions.

  • Drives the crawler generators type GFC
  • Automatic recognition system
  • Automatic preheating
  • Controlled by microprocessor
  • Parameters and last exposures held into
  • Several languages available
  • User friendly 
  • Compact & robust industrial design
  • Intelligent regulator for stable and constant output
  • Low power requirement
  • Easy transport : robust casing
  • Ergonomic CFR remote control
  • CANON mil. Metallic connectors
SpecificationsUnitsCF3 +CFR
Mains supply DCV100 - 140
Duty cycle%100
Operating temperature°C-10 to 45
CF3 Power supply with 3 m cableVAC230 (50 - 60Hz)
Connection cable to X-ray generatormUp to 20
kV rangekV100 - 300
kV adjustment stepkV/step10 - 20 - 30
mA adjustment stepmA/step0,1
Automatic preheating calculationYes
Preheating Monitoring through CFRYes