• 11/06/2019

    AIS229 - manufacturing

    A few of our Baltomatic AIS229 Real Time Systems, equipped with new features, are almost ready for delivery. Follow us on LinkedIn to find out more. #xray #ndt #cnd #realtimesystems #nondestructivetesting #balteaundt #baltomatic #ais229

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  • 10/04/2019

    Welding Week 2019

    We will be exhibiting at the Welding Week 2019 held at the Antwerp Expo in Belgium from the 19/11 to the 21/11/2019.Come and visit us on booth 4-C250!

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  • 09/04/2019

    New Website

    After months of preparation, thoughts, design decisions, etc., we are proud to present you the brand new Balteau NDT website!It has been designed to be easy to navigate, presenting all of our ranges in details, from portable generators to real time systems, including digital imaging products and software.

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  • 01/04/2019

    Baltomatic manufacturing

    The start of a few Baltomatic Real Time Systems being manufactured... Follow us to keep discovering along the way how real time systems are being built.

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  • 28/02/2019

    X-Ray laboratory

    The investment of an x-ray enclosure can be expensive and not always justifiable when it is only a small production or to simply run some tests on a component. This is why, within Balteau premises, an X-Ray Laboratory is available for various inspections.

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  • 14/12/2018

    NDE 2018

    Next week will start the NDE 2018 at the CIDCO Exhibition & Convention Centre in Mumbai. The convention will start on the 19/12 till the 21/12, come to see us on our distributors booth # C12 & C16

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